15 Hottest Emerging Technology Jobs in 2019


As you read this, a recent college graduate is lecturing a robot on how to empty the machine for washing dishes. That the society we exist in. This amazingly interesting career settles a lot of bills and is just one in a huge list of fantastic emerging technology jobs of 2019.

What is the brain behind the tech sector’s $3 trillion market value? Tech products are cheaper nowadays. This has resulted in a remarkable growth in the tech job market, both in amount of employments available and salaries they get at the end of the month. The blazing hot jobs are in cryptocurrency, specifically blockchain, where job growth has increased by 3,300 percent since 5 years ago. AI, i.e Artificial Intelligence is also pulling weights, plus lots of roles in the auto industry that is getting closer and closer, everyday to a car that will drive itself.

What makes a tech job be “in demand” and “emerging”? A digital business publication,, which zeroed in on employments either returning within the last 5 to 10 years or the ones that started existing recently. The publication also considered employments with salaries of more than $61,000 per year, the national average salary of tech workers with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, the study monitored employments growths, which has increase twofold for every year since 5 years ago. See the full list Here

Here Are The 15 Hottest Emerging Tech Employments This Year
1) Embedded Systems R&D Test Engineer

– Sector: Self-Driving Automobiles

– Average Annual Salary: $238,000

2) Deep Learning Architect

– Sector: Artificial Intelligence

– Average Annual Salary: $213,700

3) Machine Learning Engineer

– Sector: Artificial Intelligence

– Average Annual Salary: $213,000

4) 5G Solutions Engineer

– Sector: Telecommunications

– Average Annual Salary: $197,000

5) Blockchain Developer

– Sector: Cryptocurrency

– Average Annual Salary: $162,500

6) Director, Cannabis Technology

– Sector: Cannabis

– Average Annual Salary: $158,500

7) Big Data Architect

– Sector: Artificial Intelligence

– Average Annual Salary: $151,000

8) Cloud Architect

– Sector: Cloud Computing

– Average Annual Salary: $139,000

9) Geospatial Software Engineer

– Sector: Aerospace Technology (Drones)

– Average Annual Salary: $115,500

10) Simulation Engineer

– Sector: Research & Design

– Average Annual Salary: $101,700

11) Cell Engineer

– Sector: Alternative Energy & Automobile Manufacturing

– Average Annual Salary: $101,000

12) Quantum Computing Researcher

– Sector: Quantum Computing

– Average Annual Salary: $97,500

13) Productivity Developer

– Sector: Sharing Economy Programming

– Average Annual Salary: $93,000

14) Tech Vlogger

– Sector: Blogging/Vlogging

– Average Annual Salary: $85,500

15) Live Streaming Engineer

– Sector: Video Production

– Average Annual Salary: $77,500

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