17 Unbeatable Laws of Internet Marketing-Part 1

The Internet is a marketing tool which when fully maximized will help you sell your product or service profitably while building your Brand online. This is made possible …


my bookThe Internet is a marketing tool which when fully maximized will help you sell your product or service profitably while building your Brand online. This is made possible by leveraging the high interactivity the Internet offers.

 The process of Internet marketing involves setting up a repeatable system on the Internet through e-marketing strategies to create the environment where prospects see you as the leader and wants to buy your product always.

 This is achieved by consciously applying the 17 Unbeatable Laws of Internet Marketing. These are laws, principles and strategies that will help you sell your product or service profitably on the Internet, they have been compressed for easy understanding and application, note also that they are not in any way in their order of importance; each of them is very important.

 Caution: Don’t ever go online to sale without these laws!

 1. The Law of FocusBe focused about what you want from the Internet. Your chances of success online depend on choosing a niche and becoming an expert in it. Find a need and fill it with your product or service.

 A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market. You will succeed more online if you choose and concentrate on a narrow and profitable market and become a known brand in that area. You can’t afford to be everything to everybody online, maintain and focus on your identity because there are millions of businesses online and you want to stand for more than one thing? Let people know you for one thing.

 For example, Yahoo used to be the leading online search engine, they really dominated the market, but as they began to diversify into many things they lost focus and also lost the market share and today they are struggling to make profit while companies like Google has taken the lead as the largest search engine. So don’t be everything, just be known for something and emphasize on your leadership.

 In choosing a niche market (in case you haven’t found one) makes sure you get to the minds of the people first and become the market leader.

Choose a profitably niche, one that you already have a lot of knowledge in. Choose one you are passionate about, your passion will always propel you to success. Also make sure your business is solving a problem. (Learn more about how to choose a profitable niche in Chapter 2 of my book: How to Create Unlimited Internet Wealth).

 2.The Law of What? –Always ask these two important questions: what works on the Internet and what does not work on the Internet? You need to ask yourself these two important questions; the answer you get will increase your focus and success online. This will help you find the right way to sell your product or service and know exactly what works for your type of business.

 On the Internet depending on the type of product or service you are offering, it is either you are using the Internet as a medium or you are using it for business. Understanding where your business comes in will increase your chances of making it online as a brand. Businesses that you need to make orders, make telephone calls should use the Internet as a medium where the Internet helps them reduce administrative costs.

 You also need to know if your product is a tangible or an intangible product, for tangible brands, the Internet should serve as information medium for your business where customers get all the information they need. And your business will basically be a brand on the Internet. For intangible products, it is actually going to be a full business with its own strategies different from the offline strategies and should have a different name making it an Internet brand. Consider intangible products like, insurance, stock brokerage, banking services, traveling business and other such businesses.

 Also consider if what you are offering is fashionable or not, for fashionable products, the Internet tends to be a medium. For other products, it’s a business. For example, clothing, Shoes are actually fashionable while computers are not.

 If your product has different types or variations, the Internet will be seen as a business for such. Another thing to consider is the price of your product, is it one that can accommodate low pricing? If so the Internet will serve as a business ground for it because on the net, price varies and customers are exposed to different prices, you can’t afford to put a price tag that is quite high compared to what others offer and believe you will make sales. The Internet makes it impossible for that to happen.

 3. Law of First-Be the first in your niche and dominate the market. Get to the minds of the people first. First in any market retains its leadership as their names become generic with time. In online business; there is usually no room for the second position. The first gets all the businesses. Aspire to make your business the first, if you are not the first, narrow your focus on the leader and create a new product entirely different and be the first. A good example is Google, Google wasn’t the first in search but they narrowed their business to search and now has actually dominated online search, they are the leaders and nobody ever remembers other search engines online, they get almost all the traffic not minding if their website is the best or not. And their name has become generic; you now talk of searching for information online as Google or Googling.

 Assuming you want to order books online, the first place you will go is amazon.com; they are the leaders in book sales online and that is how it works. Always be the first!

 4.The Law of Interactivity-Engage your customers and make them interact with your business. Understand and leverage the fact that the Internet is the only medium that affords high level of interactivity. You should present your business in such a way that your customers and prospects could interact and engage with your marketing message. They should be able to type in a request on your website and get the desired result the way they want it.

 Create an environment where users of your website can make contributions and add their own information, let them be part of your business. Your website should be an intelligent tool that will diagnose a situation and also suggest remedies.

 An example of a website that is very interactive is facebook,it has applications created for the users, the users decide what they want and how they want it. In fact their content is user-generated even the applications. Your business should follow such model, incorporate the social media tools on your website to increase the level of interactivity between your brand and your customers. Give your online business life through interaction with your prospects.

 5.The Law of Identity-Identify your business with a unique name. On the Internet, the name of your business matters a lot. People find your business through your name. The use of common or generic names reduces your brand essence. Use a proper noun that designates a particular being not a generalized name. For example the name www.watches.com is not a strong or unique name for someone selling watches, but if you have a name like www.sparkwatch.com that seems better. Online, short names are usually better for example Google, yahoo. It must be a proper noun, must be sticky and also simple to write but let it be strong and unique.


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