titi-omoWiMAXForum 2010

June 15 & 16, 2010 in Lagos


1.       Forum Objective

The WimaxForum 2010 is an international Event.


It aims to harness the technical and commercial resources, expertise, technologies and opportunities available in Nigeria in a bid to stimulate investment and encourage best business practices.


It represents a rallying call to telecom industry players and investors to share the responsibilities and rewards of enterprise and engender further development, sustenance and informed investment in emerging technologies.


2.         Forum Delegates


Delegates to the WimaxForum 2010 will normally be drawn from representatives of participating companies, investors and industry players.


3.         How to Participate


A company wishing to participate may be involved in at least one of the following:


Technology/Service/Solution Presentation

Technology/Service/Solution Exhibition

Industry (Technology/Management/Regulation) Paper Presentation

Session Discussion

Advertisement in Event Brochure


4.         Guide to Participation


4.1      Technology/Service/Solution Presentation


A few multimedia Presentations of Technology/Service/Solution are provided for. Such products/service/solution must be genuine, world-class, proven and available.

Time allowed for Presentation                       15 minutes


4.2      Technology/Service/Solution Exhibition


Limited Exhibition of Technology/Service/Solution is provided for.


Exhibition space is unlimited but tailored to need of the approved exhibitors


Duration of exhibition     2 days (June 15 and 16, 2010)


There will be a guided tour of exhibition pavilions by Senior Government and industry officials.


4.3      Advertisement in Event Brochure


Full-page colour advert spaces in Event Brochure and also in Compendium

(Inner front cover, centre spread, inner back cover and back cover, not available)


4.4      Paper Presentation


Non commercial industry papers are welcome subject to approval of Technical Committee. Interested presenters to contact titi@cyberschuulnews.com for guideline.


4.5      Forum Discussion


Discussants of presented papers will be chosen from among specialists and experts from participating companies. Interested speakers to express interest to titi@cyberschuulnews.com  and obtain Guidelines for selection of Discussants.


5.       A Compendium of Nigerian Telecommunications Industry and its players



Nigerian telecom industry players will be presented with a ‘Compendium of Nigerian Telecommunications Industry players’ which is currently being compiled.


Who qualifies to feature in the Compendium?


All Licensed telecommunication companies.

Other active players in the delivery of telecommunication services (banks and financial institutions, consultancies, training institutes and the media).


The publication – a 100 page document – takes a historical and chronological path providing cursory overview and appraisal of Nigeria’s telecommunication industry as it was in 1960, as it is now, forecasts the future and prescribes a path to an assured industry sector.


It lists available investment opportunities, industry players, resources and landmarks which are significant in the transformation of the industry into an emerging information and communications technology sector of the economy.


For the purposes of this Compendium, industry players include licensed telecommunication companies and also firms which although may not be licensed telecom companies but are active players in the delivery of telecommunication services. These include banks and financial institutions, consultancies, training institutes and the media.


Full Page Colour Advert Spaces are available.


This publication will be made available free to:


·         Delegates to WiMAXForum 2010


·         All Government ICT Agencies/Institutions


·         All Commercial Divisions of Foreign Embassies


·         All Telecom Companies in Nigeria


·         All Telecom Professionals in Nigeria


·         All Libraries


·         All Professional Associations


·         All Trade Associations



All corporate players in the Nigeria telecommunications industry

are to complete the attached Telecom PLAYERS RESOURCE SURVEY FORM


Please request a Telecom PLAYERS RESOURCE SURVEY FORM from

titi@cyberschuulnews.com  to feature in the Compendium.

For further enquires: Kayode (0802 973 0059); Rachael (0807 825 4885)



  inking tha

Titi Omo-Ettu
Titi Omo-Ettu has more than three decades of active participation in the Nigerian telecommunication development. He is a telecommunications consultant and trainer with focus on developmental processes. He has been Consultant to the Nigerian Communications Commission from its inception in 1993 to date serving the Commission in the areas of industry studies and research, universal service plans and internet applications. He offers similar services to private sector clients. He is Managing Partner of Telecom Answers Associates, and founder of The Cyberschuul, a Lagos based telecommunications training Institute. Mr. Omo-Ettu is Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers; Fellow Telecom Executive Management Institute, Canada; Member, Association of Consulting Engineers, Nigeria; and Member, Nigerian Institute of Management. He is a Council Member and vice-President of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigerian, COREN, He lives in Lagos.Contact Titi through his email:titi@cyberschuulnews.com website:www.cyberschuulnews.com

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