9 Best Toasters of 2016

What could be more delicious than some toasted bread for breakfast early in the morning? Only a cup of fresh-smelling coffee! We offer you a list of the …


What could be more delicious than some toasted bread for breakfast early in the morning? Only a cup of fresh-smelling coffee! We offer you a list of the coolest toasters of the year 2016. Bon appetit!

Electrolux EAT 5300

The device is very reliable. Its power is 1050 W, it can fit 2 toasts and also features defrost and reheating functions, the function of centering toasts and “Extra-lift” function. There is a grill to heat the buns.

Polaris PET 0804A

Popular and inexpensive device designed for preparation of two toasts. The main advantages are an attractive design, excellent feature set and, of course, the price.

Metal casing, mechanical control, removable tray, defrost and heating modes. Automatic centering function was added for even roasting of the pieces.

Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A014

This model is the absolute market leader – this is a great device with excellent value for money.

The power of this toaster is 980 W, 2 toasts, it features heating, centering and “Extra-lift” functions as well as the function of automatic raising of the ready toasts.

Philips HD 2595

This is an excellent and quite inexpensive toaster, high quality, and functional. Its power capacity is 800 W, it fits 2 toast, features 7 levels of roasting, as well as defrost, heating, centering, and “Extra-lift” functions.

Rolsen RT-1608

This is quite a decent toaster at a bargain price. It features plastic housing with thermal insulation properties.

Nice additional features: a grill to heat the buns, automatic centering of toasts. Power cancel button. It is easy to control with mechanical buttons that allow 6 modes of toasting. Its power is 750 watts.

Kenwood TTM028

Kenwood toasters are known worldwide. Its power capacity is 900W, it fits 2 toasts, there are 7 toasting levels as well as defrost and “Extra-lift” functions.

Maxwell MW 1504

It’s an affordable toaster model with good characteristics. It features plastic casing and power capacity of 750 Watts as well as convenient control with 6 modes of toasting.

Additional features: centering and “Extra-lift” functions; undo button, a pan to remove the crumbs.

Tefal TT 3571 Express

This one is a perfect value for money! Power-850 W, 2 toasts, the functions of heating, defrosting, and automatic centering of bread.

Smeg TSF02

Toaster is designed in the style of 50s of the last century. The case is made of stainless steel and comes in 6 color options.

Designed for 4 slices of bread, it supports the following functions: defrosting, heating, bagel, cancel operation, automatic centering of toasts, and smooth transition to the desired degree of toasting. Its power is 1500 watts.

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