The Attitude of TECNO Phones and its Growing Brand Value in Nigeria Mobile Market

  Sometime ago I wrote about the economic importance of Smartphones in Nigeria and the TECNO brand, and right now it is obvious that TECNO has become a …


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Sometime ago I wrote about the economic importance of Smartphones in Nigeria and the TECNO brand, and right now it is obvious that TECNO has become a top selling phone brand in Nigeria and has  also added in no small way to her brand value in the Nigeria mobile devices market.

What has helped the brand to this enviable height, what attitude does the TECNO phones have as an edge, what are the TECNO team constantly doing right in the Nigerian market? These are some of the interesting thoughts going through my mind right now as I conclude this long phone conversion with an OEM who wants to also play in this market. As we gradually advance into 2014 bearing in mind some of the predictions made for the mobile ecosystem in Nigeria which constantly shows a great deal of opportunity for new mobile devices brands into the Nigerian market in 2014.

Am sure several attitude of the brand has helped to increase their brand awareness, relevance and social acceptance. Some of such attitude is a deep understanding of the Nigeria Mobile phone market, their ability to provide what the phone users need with constant innovation, a pocket-friendly brand and a brand which identifies itself with Nigeria and Nigerians. This is why often times most people believe that TECNO Mobile is a Nigerian company and that comes with a lot of sentiment.

It is interesting that in a survey we conducted during the Yuletide in Lagos Nigeria, We saw a growing trend where of every 5 people we met at least one person has a TECNO Phone. Also we are beginning to see many elites who usually would go for other globally known brands, have started going for the TECNO brand and they prefer the TECNO Smart Family range of devices. Am sure this is what the TECNO Live Smart Campaign that was launched few months ago was set to achieve.

The campaign which experts have said could be the biggest ever in the market is also proving to be a successful one with what we have observed.I recalled that during the flag off of the digital campaign we spoke with Sunkanmi Ola, Digital Strategist at Syracuse working on the TECNO Brand, he said, “The whole essence of the TECNO Smart Family campaign is to reach out to more Nigerians so that whenever they are thinking of buying an Android phone they will buy the TECNO brand. We want to also through this campaign reach out to the group who can afford the Phantom brand but have not yet tried it out. This is a great opportunity for them as it brings them into thepackage identity of the brand- the TECNO Smart Family”

One can say that the TECNO smart Family which include the Phantom A+,Phantom A3, Phantom PAD Mini,TECNO P5,TECNO M5 and TECNO M7 are top choice among the socially prestigious and youthful category of the Nigerian society. These ranges of Smart devices have put TECNO into acceptance in the social circles. Not just that these new devices give the users a high sense of social prestige and acceptance,the devices are innovative, friendly and with cutting edge technology. These products also emphasize quality, speed, effectiveness and assurance of making life easy and smart.

The attitude and strategy of the TECNO team and all the brains pushing this brand to relevance is one that should be noted. They provide the aggressiveness the market demands, a deep research of the Nigerian market and above all working with the right partners in Nigeria, am glad we have also contributed to the brand’s relevance and acceptance in Nigeria.


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