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Benefits of a Distributed Antenna System(DAS) in Telecommunications-HTN Towers


Distributed Antenna System(DAS) is a network of antennas spaced apart from each other but connected to a common source. A DAS contains all the elements of a cell site and can convey both wireless data and voice signals. A typical DAS system is composed of a group of low power antenna spatially separated and providing seamless coverage over the same area as a single high power antenna. A Distributed Antenna System may be deployed indoors or outdoors. It can also be used for multi – operator solutions where the signals of different operators are passed over the same DAS infrastructure.

A DAS system is usually effective in areas where the typical single high power antenna system is ineffective due to environmental or structural challenges. For example a typical cell tower height is usually meters below the standard urban sky scraper buildings, this leads to poor signals at the top of the buildings where most of the executives of the companies have their offices. The construction of building causes signal attenuation due to the pillars and heavy metal used in construction.

Some of the clear benefits of deploying DAS include:

Using a DAS solution, a seamless coverage is provided all over the building and there is less attenuation as the signals is produced inside the building.

Ability to provide high grade of service and dedicated capacity in crowded or poor coverage areas such as Malls, Airports, Stadiums, Bridges and high rise buildings

Operators are able to provide a higher grade of service for the high net-worth individuals in high rise buildings who experience poor signal due to distance and height of cell sites. These group will significantly add to the operators’ bottom line

Radiation is reduced for an indoor Distributed Antenna System due to the mobile devices using a lower power level to transmit signals. This also improves the battery life of the mobile devices as they use a lower power level.

There is higher grade of service due to the improved signal level coverage resulting in higher throughput for data services.

Providing a seamless indoor experience is now expedient as most individuals spend their working days indoors. This is a huge demographic of mobile users that is being ignored with poor signal levels within the buildings. There is also a greater emphasis on data services as most people now depend on mobile wireless services for the connected devices like smartphones, tablets, POS terminals and connected devices in the indoor environment.

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Kenneth Omeruo
Omeruo Ndukaku Kenneth is an Innovation Management expert,the CEO of Emerging Media,a new media company.He is a member of ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management and the US-Africa chamber of Commerce.He is the Founder of TechTrends Nigeria Blog,Nigeria Innovation Summit and the African Innovation Academy.Kenneth is a highly sought-after Internet Marketing Consultant who has through his seminars, articles, training and consulting, helped many organizations, Individuals, Businesses maximize the Internet for business purposes.Kenneth has also being featured as a guest on the TV show TODAY ON STV Nigeria and on Bloomberg Africa TV.He is the author of the best –selling Internet Book: How To Create Unlimited Internet Wealth. He is a syndicated columnist with the following Newspapers in Nigeria: Daily Independent, Financial Standard, PUNCH, BusinessDay, and Sun.Kenneth organises the EduNet Conference for Universities in Nigeria. Kenneth is a member of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria( ISPON ) Roundtable For Capacity Development in Nigeria,member pre-selection committee for Nigeria at the UN World Summit Awards,a Panelist for Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria(YouWIN)-a Federal government initiative created by the ministry of finance,supported by ministries of Communications Technology,Youth Development,Worldbank and DFID. A 2013 Judge at the Google Cloud Developers Challenge for Sub Saharan Africa.He has been a contributing editor of Nigeria Communications Week,Africa Telecom and IT Business Magazine,ICT Today magazine,M2 magazine.Kenneth has been invited to the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Forum, Oracle Open World Conference USA, Oracle Cloud World Dubai, and GITEX Dubai. He now lives in New York with his family and presently working on an Open Innovation project for Nigeria. You can contact Kenneth through email: (kenneth (at) On Skpe:Kenneth.Omeruo

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