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Francis Okaformbah is a young Nigerian and an Internet Marketing expert, he has developed an online tool to help internet marketers especially here in Nigeria make more money …


francisFrancis Okaformbah is a young Nigerian and an Internet Marketing expert, he has developed an online tool to help internet marketers especially here in Nigeria make more money through selling of Information product which is what the Internet is all about.
In a detailed brief on the launch of this product this week, he explains that there are many secrets, keys, methods and under-hand tactics for making money online; especially as a Nigerian but the basic principle still remains the same which is to provide value in exchange for money. The quality of value you provide determines the amount you’ll make from it.

He further explains that making money selling information on the Internet is called information marketing. You can sell simple information online in the form of an e-book, report, video or even software. Information marketing is quite a lucrative business as you get to make money over and over again from doing a job once, – researching and writing your e-book for instance is a one time job but you get paid over and over again when people buy that “research”. And the cost of packaging or delivery is next to nothing as the packaged information is in digital form and can be shipped or packaged electronically. Compare this with the traditional book publishing where people are required to print, bind and collate the information into books or CDS costing lots of money in the process
before they can then make money.

Lots of people, Nigerians inclusive are earning income from Simple
information as a stupid and as bizarre; how to knot a tie, how to
prevent dog bites and finding God in a Strip club. If you could
package information that will provide value or rather you have
a knowledge that can solve a problem for someone then you are good
to make money from information marketing.

Another beautiful thing behind it is that you can automate the
entire process, right from creating the websites to order and fulfillment when customers pay. You can use online website creators to create a salespage or mini-site that will explain what your product is to potential clients, use autoresponders to communicate with them and then use Order-O-matic to fulfill orders even when people make payments for the information product by depositing cash into your bank account.

He explains that Order-O-matic is a new product launching soon in Sept, which helps you to automate the delivery of your information products and many other digital goods like software, sms credits (for bulk sms sites), Mobile Apps, etc, to customers once payment is made
via bank deposits, local fund transfers or online transfers.

It’s also a Customer management/customer loyalty reward programme all packaged in one that helps you to track, analyse and store customer data.

There are many other features of order-o-matic. Including online payment processors you can use to harness impulse buying and dedicated phone lines can also help you to sell your info-products better. so the next time, you think of making money online or adding an extra cash to your salary. Think of how you can sell an
information or knowledge you already have. You might start off by
researching first on the top 3 information products Nigerians buy.

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