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Branding is an important personality of the organization and it is very important for an organization to keep track of its personality, the brand in the market. By …


Branding is an important personality of the organization and it is very

important for an organization to keep track of its personality, the brand in the market. By following what people are saying about your brand and how often they say, you can ensure the right message is there.

emmanuelHere is a list of free tools to monitor your brand. The list includes

(a) search tools to help you find what’s being said about your brand,

(b) reporting tools to let you know when people talk about your brand,

(c) newsreaders to help you manage conversations about your brand. And they are all free online. Personal browser in real time, you can connect through the

links TweetDeck Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Business, Buzz, and

put them all on one screen. Use the tools to plan and continued to publish messages to

multiple social networks, monitoring performance, and manage conversations. Seesmic is a social network aggregator, you can keep all social

services in one place. List of accounts on one screen, multi-column format.

Perform and save searches. Receive the latest relevant Google results based on your

choice or search a topic. Select the font, such as new boards or discussion,

select the frequency and volume of research, then choose the mail delivery

or to create a flow. With this tool you can combine, manipulate and mash up

content from different sites on the Internet. Combine several feeds into

one, then sort, filter and translate it. Geocode your favorite feeds, and

browse the items on an interactive map. This application allows you to receive email updates, Twitter

tweets contains its own brand, product, service, and some keywords. You will be notified by email when someone tweets about the product, company name, or keyword. Get statistics on your Twitter account. The free version

provides statistics on the use, often the links are shared, network growth

into account their followers, and more. A search engine for real-time news and reviews, real-time

graphics BackType mentioned a keyword, you can see what people say about him, and you can see their social impact. email notifications of any mention of social media brand, a competitor of the company, or keyword. Use the Buzz Buzz Widget displays your website or blog in real time. real-time search for the social web, Topsy aggregates all the

content related to your keyword, many social media platforms into one

stream. It helps to read the latest sources and trends established. search engine in real time on Facebook and Twitter. Run the

search brand. :This tool is specialized in the search results against persons

who are following on Twitter. Look what the influential parties are saying

about your brand or brands of their competitors. Instantly create a custom page is the latest of the

brand. Real-time service, overlooking the river – Twitter, FriendFeed

and RSS – that shows the most important content of the above, once checked in. This tool allows you to compare your Twitter profile to

millions of other users. Enter the name of your brand on Twitter and you get

an immediate and quality report. Add a button to your website Tweet company. See how many

people to share real time content.

TweetReach. com:TweetReach analyzed tweets that match your search, and

reports to reach and exposure of these tweets. Refine influential proponents of Twitter and Google Alerts

important. The tool uses the Twitter Grader HubSpot Website Grader and

applications to provide a rating for the respective notifications. Customize

if you want to be notified and in what year. A blog search engine social media trends and the use of

search terms. IceRocket with, you can create an RSS feed to posts related to

your brand. This tool creates a summary of the most important news for all of your social network, and e-mail and on-line. Use Mentionmapp see Twitter conversations as a network and click the user to explore. Finding competent people who follow the brand. Technorati blog reactions follows. Technorati Search by

brand, then subscribe to this translation. When someone blogs your brand,

you know. :Track your conversations in social media. When there is an update, as a new monitoring or comment, Commentful notifies you instantly. Search forums after the mention of your brand. :Search for discussion groups, press releases, articles,

websites and more talk about the brand. This tool tracks the most active forums and forums on the

web. Order tips, filter by the original software and language. Find your

brand among the most active online communities.

TweetBeep:Keep track Twitter conversations we speak, products, company,

website or blog, but use the shortened URL. Hourly updates via e-mail. Enter your brand, then click one of seventeen search engines

social media that you want to search. Get the brand Klout score, a measure of overall influence on your

Facebook and Twitter. 1 to 100, higher scores represent the influence of a

sphere bigger and stronger. Measure your return on Twitter and Facebook, and obtain an overview on how to become more efficient. Crowdbooster with graphical user interface, you can easily see your best tweets and areas for improvement.

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