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The advancement in human activities has also affected the level of businessing all over the world, even in our home soil. We must wake up to the fact that it is no longer business as usual. One must equally advance in tools of operations in order not to be left behind. Here’s another important area that we must fortify ourselves so as to benefit from the gains that today’s business brings.

Your minute

When I say minute, I mean time. Time is your most precious resources in the war field. Every war takes place at a centre stage called time. It’s the same time that winners emerge that there we have dozens of losers. The difference lies in their usage of time. That is to say, your success or failure is dependent on how you utilise your time; you don’t have eternity to fight a particular war. A wise man once said, ‘Each day has its duty don’t postpone it till tomorrow’.


The Law of Forced Efficiency says that there is never enough time to do everything, but there is enough time to do the most important thing. In business war-front, there’s no time for pleasantries – it’s either business or nothing. Learn to say no to an activity that takes much time from you and contribute so little.

Those who are masters of time are often masters of events that turn out with time. It’s the same thing the other way round. The indispensable key to time management is concentration – the ability to focus single-mindedly on one thing, the most important thing, and to stay with it until it is completed. Next to it, there is time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen as the war tempers. And you need wisdom to differentiate between the two. This would enable you to respond appropriately to the situations as they come.


About the Author

Tony Ajah is a business growth strategist, and the Principal Strategist, TA strategic Solutions, a Lagos-based firm that is into business growth and development.Contact email: ajahxt@yahoo.co.uk




Tony Ajah
Tony Ajah is a Business Growth Strategist, and the Principal Strategist, TA Strategic Solutions, a Lagos-based firm that provides strategic business development services for budding entrepreneurs. His ideas are highly sought after by leading Nigerian print media such as Punch Newspaper, Daily Sun, Effective Managers Series- Daily Independent, Financial Standard, Business Day, M2 weekly, BrandWork Nigeria, BrandCrunch, ReguLetter (an international journal), amongst others. Tony has written hundreds of business articles that have been shared on several media platforms around the world both online and off-line. He is also a seasoned idea strategist, trainer and professional speaker and his voice has been heard in numerous establishments across Nigeria and beyond. Tony has worked closely with some of the brightest minds in the industry. He is a member of several professional organisations within and outside the country, and also an alumnus on Federal University of Technology Owerri.

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