Day 2 at Oracle OpenWorld : Latest Cloud and Social Services from Oracle

  See pictures at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012   In a press statement made available to us,says Oracle known for delivering on the industry’s broadest and most advanced …

Thomas Kurian,Executive Vice President, Oracle Product Development ,explaining the latest Cloud and social services from Oracle at Oracle OpenWorld


See pictures at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012


In a press statement made available to us,says Oracle known for delivering on the industry’s broadest and most advanced Cloud strategy, through Thomas Kurian, executive vice president, Oracle Product Development, has announced that Oracle is expanding her Cloud services portfolio, and continues to demonstrate significant customer and partner momentum.

The seven new Oracle Cloud preview services augment Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all available on a subscription basis.

The pricing model is simple, predictable and based on a monthly subscription model. Customers can choose to sign up for month-to-month subscriptions or longer term contracts.

Oracle Cloud adoption continues to grow aggressively with more than 10,000 customers and more than 25 million users worldwide already relying on the services each day. To help partners speed time to market with new cloud-based services for their customers, Oracle also unveiled a comprehensive new set of enablement resources and Oracle Cloud partner programs.

Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for business users and

developers through functionally rich, integrated, secure enterprise cloud services. Customers now have more options than ever with the Oracle Cloud, the most secure, flexible, modern and reliable cloud available today.

Oracle announced preview availability of seven new Oracle Cloud Services, including: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service: Streamlines financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes by delivering the proven business benefits of Oracle Hyperion Planning in a subscription-based cloud service.

 Oracle Financial Reporting Cloud Service: Enables the creation and delivery of highly formatted, boardroom quality management reporting, as well as corporate financial statements.

 Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service: Aggregates insightful and intelligent data from enterprise, social and external sources to enrich business applications such as CRM and helps ensure that customer, prospect and contact data is always up-to-date.

 Oracle Social Sites Cloud Service: Enables brands to quickly expose sites to their customers to meet the needs of today’s agile companies.  The rich editing experience and powerful back-end mean that even non-technical users can make great sites quickly and launch them to the public.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service: Simplifies collaborative software development by providing a standards-based environment that supports the complete development lifecycle. Provides access to source control management, issue tracking, continuous integration and document collaboration.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Enables businesses to store and manage digital content in the cloud, integrated with other Oracle Cloud services that require online storage.

 Oracle Messaging Cloud Service: Provides an infrastructure that enables data communications between applications within Oracle Cloud as well as outside of Oracle Cloud via asynchronous message queues.

These new services join the following Oracle Cloud Applications, Social and Platform Services:

 Oracle Cloud Application Services

Oracle Cloud Application Services portfolio includes ERP Services, HCM Services, Talent Management Services, Sales and Marketing Services, and Customer Service and Support Services.

In addition, the Application Services are now integrated with Social Services allowing organizations to transform their corporate business processes and systems using social capabilities. Oracle Cloud Social Services

Oracle Cloud Social Services portfolio includes Oracle Social Network, Oracle Social Marketing Services, Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Services and Oracle Social Sites. Oracle Cloud Platform Services

Oracle Cloud Platform Services portfolio includes Database Service and Java Service and will include Mobile Services, Collaboration Services, Analytics Services and Application Store.

With Oracle Database and Java Cloud Services, customers get access to the industry-leading database and Java EE application server in the cloud. The services are now available globally. To learn more about the free 30-day trials and paid subscriptions go to the Oracle Cloud website.

“Cloud is a strategic business at Oracle and is growing aggressively. Customers and partners are extremely supportive of Oracle’s Cloud strategy, which is evident from the mission critical workloads they are running on Oracle Cloud today,” said Abhay Parasnis, senior vice president of development, Oracle. “The breadth of opportunities available with Oracle Cloud already exceeds anything else available in the industry, and with the introduction of these new services, Oracle continues to innovate, shape the market and define the future of cloud-based services.

“Siemens Logistics IT is excited about the capabilities that the Oracle Cloud will offer: the provisioning of a robust Java EE container combined with Oracle Database’s proven technology in a public cloud,” said Ekkehard Janas, Chief Architect, Siemens Logistics IT. “This will allow Siemens Logistics IT to lower our own investment in setting up complex Java EE clusters and database environments and to focus on the quality of our applications. To us, the Oracle Cloud is definitely a big step in the right direction.

“I needed a vendor that allows me to focus on my strategic imperatives — with easy upgrades, no downtime and easy information sharing, which is exactly what Oracle Cloud provides us,” said Mark Schissel, SVP and CIO, Herbalife.


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