EduNet Africa Conference Holds Tomorrow at UNILAG

EduNet Africa Conference 2011 being hosted by the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS) University of Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Emerging Media publishers of will …


EduNet AfricaEduNet Africa Conference 2011 being hosted by the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS) University of Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Emerging Media publishers of will hold tomorrow Thursday 7th July,2011

Venue:Afe Babalola Conference Centre,University of Lagos,Nigeria


The theme for this year’s Conference is:

Exploring the Opportunities of a Connected Tertiary Institution to Pioneer Digital Revolution in Africa.

Meet speakers for the event at

What is EduNet Africa Conference All About?

EduNet conference is the leading internationally recognized conference for Higher Education community in Africa. It is being hosted annually in different tertiary institutions across the continent. This event is meant to create an environment to learn, network with stakeholders in ICT industry, share ideas that will enhance the effective use of the Internet facilities and the new technologies in the university and Institutions of higher learning in Africa.

This event brings together delegates from education and training institutions, Government and regulatory authorities, International organizations like the UNESCO,ICT experts and stakeholders, Internet based businesses, service providers, e-Commerce providers, startups, IT companies, that are involved in online marketing, e-commerce technology, web technology and development, content development and management, to interact,learn,network,share ideas that will benefit the education sector in Africa using ICT.

One of the unique features of EduNet Africa Conference is the opportunity it offers African Startups to showcase their product and services through the African Startups Showcase (ASS) at the event. African Startups will have opportunities and exposure to venture capital, partnership, loans, grants, scholarship the conference. They will be given opportunities to be part of International events like the World Summit Youth Awards organized by the United Nations.

What are the Objectives of this Conference?

To explore the opportunities and possibilities the internet, mobile and new technologies provide within the academics in the areas of e-learning, business, communication and social changes (ICT4D).

To educate and empower our teaching, learning and Training community with Internet education that will improve the quality of teaching, learning, e-collaboration, research and development in Africa.

-To spark up netpreneurship and digital revolution in Africa by creating opportunities for our institutions to develop applications that will compete favorably globally. It is an event that encourages African Startups through the African Startup Exhibitions.

-To help fully integrate ICT into academic curriculum

-The conference will no doubt dissuade the youths from cyber crimes and open their minds to good and profitable use of the Internet and new technologies.

-It affords opportunities for businesses to leverage on the event to expose their product and services to their target audience and also seek future opportunity within the teaching and learning Community in Africa.

-It is the best place to network with top ICT experts and businesses in Africa. Young technopreneurs will meet top ICT experts that will serve as their role models.

How do we achieve these Objectives?

These objectives of the conference will be achieved through high quality Presentations, Exhibitions and Networking at the event.

The seminar sessions will provide quality education and answers to issues based on the broad topics above and speakers are professionals from relevant institutions, organizations and government agencies.

The exhibitions will provide participants with the needed marketplace that will help them implement strategies learnt from the seminars. They will also meet suppliers and Internet service providers face to face, see latest products and compare prices, find new technologies they can use.

In terms of networking, it will serve as the largest gathering of leading IT Professional in Africa who have interest in the educational sector, Internet based professionals, Service providers, Web strategists, Equipment manufacturers, University dons, students; this offers the best opportunity to network.

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