Enter for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation over $100,000 Global Grand Challenge for Health Innovation and Development


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenge for Health Innovation and Development seeks application from Emerging technology organisations to solve global health problems with their solutions.Applications are required in the following areas :

  • Artificial intelligence for image analysis of human patients (e.g., fetal ultrasound, infant optical neuroimaging, or infant video data) or human biosamples (e.g., tissue sample microscopy or placental morphology) to reveal predictive biomarkers of adverse health outcomes or correlates of resilience
  • Materials science for the design of laboratory model systems enabling investigation of new aspects of disease mechanisms (including pathogen persistence) or response to therapy, or enabling high-throughput screening assays (including culture systems to recapitulate complex biological systems)
  • Wearable sensors to provide early indicators of treatment response, to identify causal factors underlying adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes, or to continuously monitor systemic metabolites to understand baselines and temporal fluctuation for biomarkers of health and disease
  • Synthetic biology approaches to develop highly sensitive diagnostics (e.g., infectious disease diagnostics based on CRISPR technology)
  • Nanotechnology for the creation of sensitive and specific biosensors
  • Microscopy for intravital imaging of organ systems to reveal actionable mechanisms to prevent infectious disease pathogenesis or foster robust immune response
  • Augmented reality to improve the quality of patient care through interactive guidance for diagnostic procedures
  • Virtual reality to simulate host-pathogen interactions for insights into the design of agents to protect against infectious disease
  • Geospatial mapping to understand and predict temporal changes in disease burden and design geographically-targeted interventions
  • Robotics to enable new drug screening systems
  • DNA sequencing combined with data analytical methods to facilitate a transkingdom view of the microbiota across body sites, including potential microbiota-mediated interactions between body sites

See full details on how to apply and what you stand to win.


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