Federal University of Agriculture Students Develop Mobile App “FUNAAB AIR “to Assist Students Organize Their Academic Activities

FUNAAB AIR a socio-educational mobile application that allows students get latest updates from the school, organize their academic activities and stay connected to their peers has been developed by the students …


FUNAAB AIR a socio-educational mobile application that allows students get latest updates from the school, organize their academic activities and stay connected to their peers has been developed by the students of Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta.

In a press release to us here are details about the app:

The Build Up
The FUNAAB AIR App is built from ground up with Oracle’s Java, PHP and JSON. The App consumes an API which is fast, reliable and very secure. FUNAAB AIR uses a MYSQL database client to hold and serve data. It minimizes its data usage by caching queries. It was built to handle both online and offline states effectively. Its beautiful user interface is built utilizing the latest Google material specification. It also
leverages the Node JS to provide real time capabilities such as push notifications.

Features and Usability
1. Timetable: The Timetable is a feature that allows students to plan all academic activities and extracurricular activities efficiently. This feature helps students make the most of their time by ensuring they stay organized. It eliminates the need to always carry about paper written
timetable, make the day to day activity of the student seamless and stress free.The students can set up a Timetable by inserting the following into the fields provided; Course Title & Code, Lecturer in Charge, Venue and comments. They can also add their assignments
which enables them to fulfil, solve and submit in time. The timetable features a Reminder algorithm that can notify students of upcoming lectures prior to the time of the lecture. The App also includes synchronization features that allows students to upload their timetable to
the cloud which grants them accessibility to their timetables across multiple devices. It is also possible to share and download the Timetable of other course mates only if they Follow each other.FUNAAB AIR also includes a feature called SOGE meaning Set Up Once Give Everyone which enables the HOCs’ of each department and level to set up their timetable and make it available to their colleagues.

2. Portal: FUNAAB AIR gives students’ easy access to the Funaab portal basic features such as checking results, course registration, corrections and password reset.

3. Digi-Library (Digital Library): This is a feature that enables students to publish and share materials ranging from project works, assignments, Journals, Pre-data and research work e.t.c.This helps foster co-creation and helps students with a blue print as to how to write their own
academic projects. In view of protecting the intellectual property of the students the Digi-Library includes an over 30-line warning to prospective users about plagiarism and its consequences. Students can also rate, add reviews and comments to other students’ publications.

4. HOC Broadcast: This feature allows the HOC of any department and level to broadcast important update to his/her colleagues. This ensures that students don’t miss out on important information.

5. Social
-See Other: This enables students to see and connect with other students from other departments, colleges and the campus at wide. They can also follow each other which allows them to collaborate and interact effectively.
-Timeline: This is a feature that enable students to share their opinions, though suggestion and rich multimedia files in form of updates. Each update comes with comes with the ability to sure your location and tag people using the (~) character.
-Air Chat: This is an experimental feature that enables students to send secure peer to peer real time message amongst themselves. Students will be able to share will course notes, images and other files. Air chat is still under active development and is expected to become stable when FUNAB Air is in its stable version.

6. School Info:

– FUNAAB Anthem: FUNAAB AIR teaches and provides students with the completes lyrics of the school anthem so they can read along.
-LANDMARK: This feature provides students the actual Google map representation of the school’s landmark. The feature also allows students to get direction to anywhere around the school and see important and strategic places around the school.

7. ICTREC Admin Panel: The ICTREC admin panel is a feature that grants the university exclusive and direct access to the application, which helps it to post updates directly to the timeline on the application where all students who use the application can see it.

Download the App Here


FUNAAB AIR was built by the Air View Devs team which consists of seasoned professionals in their respective fields and are also all students of the great institution. The team consists of three members who are passionate about adding value to our university and Nigeria at wide.
The lead developer in person of Ibe Mcleroy Uzoma who handled most of the programming tasks, Uzo who is from the department of Water Resources Management and Agrometology is a skilled Mobile App developer and is the originator of the Funaab Air idea. Ojeomokhai Abraham Eromosele of the department of Food Science and Technology, He handled server side development, data analytics and business development for the team. A very recent addition to our team is Ademola Abisayo Paul who is from the department of Agricultural engineering, Paul also assisted in Server side programming of the application.




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