Higher Education Community can lead Technology Development in Nigeria if Empowered

Welcome Address by Kenneth Omeruo, MD Emerging Media, Publishers of TechTrends (www.techtrendsng.com) at the 3rd Education Network Conference 2012(Edunet2012)on July 31st,2012 at Golden Gate, Restaurant, Ikoyi ,Lagos-Nigeria. Mr. …


Welcome Address by Kenneth Omeruo, MD Emerging Media, Publishers of TechTrends (www.techtrendsng.com) at the 3rd Education Network Conference 2012(Edunet2012)on July 31st,2012 at Golden Gate, Restaurant, Ikoyi ,Lagos-Nigeria.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Academics, Captains of ICT industry, the media, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Emerging Media, the organizers of EduNet Conference, I have the honor and privilege to welcome you to the 3rd Education Network Conference-EduNet2012.

EduNet conference is the leading conference in Nigeria that brings together Higher Education Community with key players in the Technology ecosystem. The event creates an environment to learn, network, share ideas that will enhance the effective use of new technologies in the university and other Institutions of higher learning in Nigeria thereby encouraging Research and Technology development.

Each year delegates at EduNet conference are drawn from education and training institutions, Government and regulatory authorities, International organizations  fostering Education and Technology adoption, ICT experts, stakeholders in Research and Education networks, service providers, Education focused startups, IT companies involved in e-Learning, Cloud computing, online marketing, e-commerce technology, Web technology, content development, researchers and students.

The presentations at the conference provide quality education and answers to issues based on the theme for the year. Speakers are distinguished professionals, academics, from relevant institutions, organizations and government agencies. The discussions session will explore in deeper perspective, the topics and issues in focus. EduNet exhibitions provide participants with the needed marketplace that will help them implement strategies learnt from the presentations. They will also meet suppliers and service providers face to face, see latest products, compare prices and find new technologies they can use.

Considering the importance of research in technology development of any nation, this year we are looking at the theme: Research and Education Networks (RENs) in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges.

A Research and Education Network (REN) is a special Internet Service Provider that connects research institutions, libraries, Universities and other higher institutions of learning. This special network facilitates the exchange and sharing of information within the connected institutions and makes for great and effective research. They also enable other services like e-learning, Data management, Content development, Cloud Computing, Internet protocol services, and further technology development.

We have our distinguished academics and professionals that will do justice to the theme and at the end we will compile a detailed report on the discussions and suggestions today and publish it on the internet.

Having explained the structure of the conference and what to expect, I must at this time appreciate the support of Prof Charles Uwadia, Chris Uwaje, Muhammed Rudman, for making sure that this event holds. I must commend the organizations that supported us financially, they are Main One Cable Company and VDT Communications, and these are leaders in Broadband and Internet solutions in Africa-please do business with them.

Let me at this point appreciate our speakers who found it worthy to be part of this event. Am so sure it will be a great event considering the men and women here.

Please seat tight, relax, enjoy and most importantly participate fully in the cross fertilization of ideas as the IT Oracle -Chris Uwaje takes us through the day’s assignment.

Ones again I say welcome to EduNet2012- www.edunetafrica.com


Thank You and God Bless.


Kenneth Omeruo

MD/CEO Emerging Media


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