Insight into Challenges of Customer Experiences and Developing Effective Customer Experience Strategy

If am writing this article with reference to customer service and experience in developed countries, I will probably not start this way. Each time I hear most companies …

Graham Mansfield-Senior Director CRM sales ECEMEA for Oracle

If am writing this article with reference to customer service and experience in developed countries, I will probably not start this way. Each time I hear most companies and organizations especially the banks in Nigeria talk about customer service and customer service day, I don’t ever take them seriously because am yet to see any of them who is constantly improving on their customer services( as compared to what obtains elsewhere )in order for Customers to have a great experience.

One of the most annoying sector is the Telecommunications sector where companies who provide services do not give a damn about good and quality customer services and most times when you criticize their brand on what they need to improve on, they will resort to saying- a competing brand has bribed you to criticize them(thanks to social media voices).

This high level of mediocrity in the quality of service one gets in Nigeria is way too much as the Nigerian factor plays out all the time. And interestingly one doesn’t have many options with such; the regulatory bodies in these sectors are often times handicapped because of bribery and corruption. And as competitive as the GSM sector is, most are not innovative with products and services that will leave the customer with great experiences, am very sure that in no distant time such companies  with terrible customer services will be out of business.

The hospitality (Hotel) business and the airlines in Nigeria are the two sectors that I can really say that one can have relatively good experience, and they are just learning the how-to compared to what obtains in other climes, a big thanks to Emirate airlines and Mina A’Salam Hotel, Dubai I can’t forget in a hurry the wonderful experience I had with those two companies recently n one of my trips to Dubai! That’s what we are talking about here!!

Well, as important as this issue is, many organizations are doing very little to improve their customers’ experiences. Oracle Corporation in a recent findings show that brands could lose up to 20% of their revenue due to poor Customer Experiences and yet many struggle to develop successful customer experience strategy. In a follow up to this global finding, Oracle at their Customer Experience Summit in Lagos last week explained why companies and organizations should always put the customer at the centre of customer experience strategy.

The event which was attended by many organizations had  Mr Graham Mansfield who is the Senior Director CRM sales in ECEMEA for Oracle corporation speaking on Oracle’s customer experience strategy designed to help companies and organizations across many industries create the consistent, connected, personalized, efficient and rewarding experiences their customers and constituents want while generating real top-line and bottom-line results. He added that Oracle customer experience solutions which provides intelligence through social, mobile platforms cover marketing, commerce, sales and services. Mr. Graham also explained how the solutions help companies and organizations transform their existing operational systems and infrastructure into a differentiated customer experience across the customer lifecycle.

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