Intel,the Connected World and African Start-Ups

For the past 8 months that I had to relocate to the US from Nigeria,its been the beginning of an ongoing process of understanding why some countries around the …


For the past 8 months that I had to relocate to the US from Nigeria,its been the beginning of an ongoing process of understanding why some countries around the world make great progresses while others continuously depend on them.As one who is keen and involved in the startup ecosystem in Africa,It is a time to start connecting with the technology world to see and also track the amazing innovations around the world (especially in US and Israel) and how our daily experiences in life are enhanced by these innovations.With this in mind,I will be sharing my experience  which will focus more on  informing and educating our readers on what major tech brands around the world are doing and how African Startups especially Nigerian Startups can learn from their stories and also try to apply the same principles.

Among the numerous challenges facing startups in Africa are lack of an ecosystem that really supports technology and innovation and the inability to know where the future of technology is as to create the needed solutions,bring it to market on time hence build the company of the future.Several efforts are on going to build the right ecosystems in Africa for Start-up development,today I’ll like to remind you of the current Tech trends around the world.We now live in a Connected world where everything is becoming smart,the Internet of Things(IoT) is one big trend that has wide range of applications in our real world.A world where there are no barriers between the digital world and the physical world is being created-the Connected world.

One tech company that is setting the pace for the next level of computing,making the transition from the physical world into the digital world seamless with blended realities is Intel.Intel is making great partnerships around the world especially with young startups to create this rich experience where everything is connected and smart.They have gone ahead to develop these technologies and are working with great innovators across different ages around the globe.Amazingly,young entrepreneurs around the world are leveraging these opportunities.

Earlier in the year,the CEO of Intel Brain Krzanich in his keynote speech at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas outlined the three forces that will drive the next level of technology wave around the world.He demonstrated how these future trends in tech will impact how we live,work and play.According to him these future tech trends are:
-Computing Unleashed,which points to where the next level of computing is going.
-Intelligence everywhere,the reality of everything being smart and connected.This is the Internet of all Things(IoT) with its wide range of applications.
-The next level of mobile computing which ushers in the Wearable revolution.

You might ask,Why is this important for Africa?I think Africa as one of the emerging economies around the world creates great market for new technologies.Also seeing that Mobile devices,Social media,the Internet are all getting big in Africa.These key areas will offer great
opportunities and create emerging techpreneurs like never before in Africa.It is a time for African startups to key into these opportunities
and use these new technologies to solve real problems in the society.I see wide range of applications being created to solve problems associated with the Environment,Health,Education etc.These technologies will no doubt redefine the fashion and Entertainment(especially Gaming)industry.

I would like African tech entrepreneurs to start thinking of the following questions:

-How do I use these technologies to build solutions for African market?

-How do I position my present business around these technologies?

– and also how do I partner with companies like Intel to bring my creative imagination around these technologies to reality?

I believe with the right questions come the right answers.

In conclusion take some time to watch how Intel demonstrated these future technologies at CES 2015 and feel free to share your experience here.


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