Introducing HealthMobile-An App set to Improve Health Care Delivery in Africa.

      Access to effective Health Care is a major sign of the under development in Africa. This has brought with it high mortality rate in several …





Access to effective Health Care is a major sign of the under development in Africa. This has brought with it high mortality rate in several countries. As a major challenge of the continent, a lot has to be done to improve on health care delivery. Following this, am happy that not only the Government and the medical practitioners are thinking of the way forward, Tech Entrepreneurs are also looking at how Technology especially the increased adoption of mobile phones and the internet in Africa can be harnessed to increase information and improve service delivery in the health care sector.

One of such initiatives worthy of mentioning is the HealthMobile mobile App recently released on Android and OS10 platforms by Joshua Ihejiamaizu and Johnson Okorie who are co-founders of NIXIT, the company directly responsible for managing HealthMobile and interestingly these young techpreneurs are also students of the Federal University of Technology Owerri,Nigeria.



HealthMobile is a mobile phone application that pulls together an impressive database of vital health information into a beautiful and sleek design for easy access on mobile devices. The app is a one-stop web facility for personalized and social healthcare delivery. It provides over 4,000 health topics and Information, health News focusing on various categories, Food/Diet information for Lifestyle Planning, Hospital Locator service for finding the nearest hospital around you, Drugs/Supplements information, First Aid Information and also supporting videos on health care.



“The app in the long term will seek to combine native medical information with user-generated content to create a top web healthcare facility through which healthcare delivery can be made possible from any location, with or without the physical presence of a doctor. The content of the app is also geared towards helping doctors get smarter and ease the workload attached to their jobs” says Joshua.



It is interesting to note that the HealthMobile team are partnering with doctors and healthcare parastatals in Africa to foster the adoption of the app amongst patients, hospitals and the African communities. In addition, the app will also provide Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) advices to organizations to help improve their HSE standards. This also shows that HealthMobile is adaptable for specific communities and organizational needs.


You can download the app from the link:   or on the Google Play Store as ‘HealthMobile’

Also Connect with HealthMobile team on Twitter: @Health_Mobile  .







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