Philip EmeagwaliTime might be perceived, defined and configured as being relative. But, ironically the law of relatively is some kind of wisdom that spurs the mind and commands us to search the universe for better solution. 

Such a phenomena challenges the thought process and requires in-dept observation – this critical mass that makes us to listen to the voice of wisdom wrapped in timelessness!   This is perhaps the time in the life of “that living creature” called Nigeria to turn the head, refocus the mind and listen to her inner-self.

This is the right time for Nigeria to ponder and listen to the voice of her productive children echoed through the global wilderness of the emerging Information Age.  

This is the voice of Dr. Philip Emeagwali and more than a million other Nigerian super-brains in Diaspora – who perhaps through the global observatory lenses – can proffer functional solutions to the astronomical challenges poised to the Nigerian (nay African) nation in the 21st Century Information Age.

And listen must we not before we miss the golden opportunity of seeing similar a comet?  What is the harm in listening?  Conventional wisdom dictates that it takes few men (and women too) to change the world. Also, it takes just a few dedicated Nigerian to make science and technology work positively for her.

 Perhaps Philip Chukwurah Emeagwali and many other Nigerian super-brains in Diaspora indisputably possess the capability to spur the nation to greatness. Ignore “perhaps” – there is no doubt about the above statement!

Chris Uwaje
Chris Uwaje: Known as the Oracle of the Nigerian IT Industry, Pioneered the conceptualization Framework and content drafting strategy for the establishment of the National Information Technology Development Policy for Nigeria. He is the former Regional Director for D-link International - West Africa. In 2008 he was crowned the IT Personality of the year. He has presented many IT conference papers at home and abroad. He is a speaker of international repute. Uwaje, who is very passionate about youth empowerment through ICT, before now, was the Principal Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Connect Technologies Limited, (Developers of E-Government Solutions, Enterprise Banker Enterprise, Enterprise Knowledge Intelligence Groupware & Enterprise Cooperative Financials Application). He is an expert in Software Design and Engineering Solutions; Research, Design and Development (RD&D). His special professional focus: National & Regional IT Strategy and Policy; Coordinating Chairman, Council for West Africa Information Technology Professionals (CWAITP). President Cybersecurity NGO Global Network for Cybersolution, Past President of Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN) and 1st Vice President of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON). Member, National Inter-Ministerial Committee on Software Development, Council Member, Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria. (CPN). Foundation Member, National Software Development Initiative (NSDI), Member, National Outsourcing Initiative by the Federal Government of Nigeria, He is a distinguished Fellow of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Fellow: Institute of Analysts and Programmers. U.K. Fellow: Institute of Certified Professional of UK; Former Council Member: Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). Pioneer Past President Global Network for Cyber Solution (NGO on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Chris Uwaje is reputed for his numerous articles concerning national and International issues on ICT.He is the President of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria(ISPON) Contact email:uwajenet@gmail.com

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    1. Thanks for your comment Mr Gabriel, you are right,knowing the real population of Nigeria is an important thing,the last census is a far cry from reality, and ICT should be used to get it right.Lets continue preaching it until we see it happen thats the essence of Dr Chris Uwajes article.

    2. I believe with ICT development going on now, Nigeria should make it compursry to every hospital to have childbirth data for us to have a good age and population number.

    3. I believe the time to get our ICT development going is now,i feel the problem is not the dearth of human capacity but lack of focus and direction,the time for change is now knowing we hv the capacity to take on the world!

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