[OPINION] Why the large #whitespace on the new Google+?


By now you should have read the news about the new design update for Google+.

Most Google+ users are excited about this update because it looks great. However there is one creepy thing about this new design – There is a lot of whitespace. Yesterday, Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch wrote an article titled “Why Does the New Google+ Use So Much Whitespace”, he mentioned that Google+ new design makes use of a responsive design which makes Google+ to adjust its width based on the width of the browser/device you are using to surf Google+. He also went further to say that it only makes sense for Google to experiment with wider layouts in order to know how to best use it.

However, I do not agree with him that Google is experimenting with the excessive white space on Google+. I think it is an intentional design choice that was made at Google for the sole purpose of third party Google+ apps. Very soon Google+ will be releasing an API for developers to create apps that run on Google+. And they will need space for those third party apps that will run on Google+. Basically, the excessive white space on Google plus will be used to display third party apps that will run on Google+. I think Google doesn’t want third party apps to feel like an outcast on Google+ unlike apps on Facebook. When you visit an app page on Facebook, you will immediately have a weird feeling about the page because of the way it is designed. A look at the present Facebook app page will further explain what I am talking about.

Creepy Facebook App Page.


When Google+ makes an API available. Developers will have a lot of space to work with (while still keeping the normal look of Google+ and its navigation) for creating fan page apps, games, and so on. And most importantly the apps will not look creepy to users of Google+.

Now that we know what I think the excessive white space on Googleplus is for. Let’s ease up and have a look at some of the funny things people can use the white space for.

Funny pictures on how to use Googleplus excessive whitespace.

Google+ whitespace with Beer.

Google+ whitespace with Beer.

Google+ whitespace with Cat

Google+ whitespace with Cat

Google+ whitespace with iPad

Google+ whitespace with iPad

Google+ whitespace for adsense

Google+ whitespace for Adsense

Ridwan Olalere

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