Oracle Cloud Strategy Offers Complete,Social and Mobile Cloud Services-Mark Hurd

With explosion in data as a result of increased use of the social networks and connected mobile devices globally, data is growing so big reaching a worldwide total …

Mark Hurd,President at Oracle

With explosion in data as a result of increased use of the social networks and connected mobile devices globally, data is growing so big reaching a worldwide total of 7.9 zeta bytes (or eight trillion gigabytes) by 2015.Businesses today are faced with the challenge of keeping up with satisfying their customers ever increasing demand while they focus on their core operations.

This growing challenge has found its solution in the Oracle cloud says Mark Hurd-President of Oracle inc while delivering a keynote address at the Oracle CloudWorld (#Cloudworld) Conference in Dubai for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Oracle Cloud world is a series of global events focused on how organisations can use Oracle Cloud solutions and Strategies to help them become more efficient and effective in delivering their services in the simplest and easiest way possible across different applications and platform under a secured environment.

Mark Hurd pointed what businesses face in the world of globalisation has brought shocking statistics, trends and challenges, with over 9 billion devices connected to the internet in 2012,and in 2020 it is expected that over 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet,6 billion mobile subscribers (about 87% world population),90 percent of all internet users now have an account on at least one social service, and there are more than 13 million business pages on Facebook alone. This has brought with it exponential data explosion. Companies are searching for solutions that will provide the unprecedented capacity, scalability, and speed to keep pace with that explosive growth.

For businesses who know what to do these statistics could be an advantage for them, This is the time to adopt a Cloud Strategy and solution. The cloud offers solutions to make good use of the growing data, He says that Oracle Cloud Solution and strategy comes complete, integrated across different platforms, applications, middleware, Database, operating systems, virtual machines, servers storage. And they have incorporated with it real time social network and mobiles analytics for business to leverage the enormous data which comes from social and Mobile platforms.

Mr. Alfonso Di Ianni-Senior Vice President for Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (ECEMEA)

Mark also explained that with great investment in cloud being made by Oracle, This significant allocation of resources combined with deep research and development with key strategic acquisitions in the cloud applications and social space – to launch the most comprehensive, and most flexible and modern suite of cloud offerings on the planet Earth. According to Oracle, they are the only vendor with a full suite of enterprise-grade cloud applications, all built on a single code line to offer customers the freedom to change between SaaS and on-premise.

In addition to what Mark Hurd said, Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President Oracle Application Development says over 25 million users rely on Oracle Cloud solutions which definitely transforms how they do their business and offer services to their customers.9 of the top 10 SaaS providers are powered by Oracle. Oracle offers public, private and managed Cloud services and products. Many enterprise private clouds are also powered by Oracle .”

In the region, the success story of Emirates Airline was deeply outline, it shows how an Airline can use Oracle Cloud Strategy to do more and become more efficient and effective delivering quality services to their customers.Specific investment plans were also talked about for the region, Alfonso Di Lanni, ECEMEA Senior Vice President at Oracle, especially the Eagle plan set to take off in Nigeria. “The intention of Oracle is to localise its business operations through its various partners in the regions.

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