Be part of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Africa Technology Entrepreneur Panel Discussion in Durban, South Africa.

                         I just got this few minutes ago and decided to share it so you can take the opportunity if need be.  ICANN  as part of its …




I just got this few minutes ago and decided to share it so you can take the opportunity if need be.

 ICANN  as part of its upcoming ICANN-47 meeting in Durban, South Africa from 14-18 July 2013 plans to adopt a new approach to its International Meetings commencing in Durban, by having themes and adding sessions designed to engage local and international participants in new ways.

The theme chosen for the Durban meeting is Africa Untethered – The Era of Digital Africa.

There will be two sessions on Wednesday July 16th related to this theme.

These will be:

1. The rise of the African Internet Entrepreneur

This session will showcase the role that African Internet entrepreneurs have played in transforming economies across the continent, from mobile payment and currency solutions to agricultural market information and healthcare and education solutions. It will also explore key trends, challenges and successes associated with Internet entrepreneurship in Africa.

The session will end with facilitated audience participation and open Q&A.

2. New behaviors (Africa’s lessons for the world)

This panel discussion will build on the first session and focus specifically on the new behaviors that are emerging across Africa from

internet innovation and internet enabled devices with positive impact on cultures, societies and economies.  It will consider the learning from those new behaviors, and the possible future implications, for the continent, other developing markets, and indeed the world at large.

During this discussion, we’d like to highlight examples of changed behaviour brought through Internet Innovation that have had significant social and economic impacts in Africa. Focus would be given particularly to the impact of the mobile Internet.

Candidates are particularly being sought after for the 2nd theme: New behaviors (Africa’s lessons for the world)

 If you are an entrepreneur or know someone who is and is from Africa then kindly ask them to fill out this form:  by close of day (17:00 UTC) today 3rd July 2013 to be given the opportunity to participate in the event and share their innovations with the world.

Note:Accommodation, visa costs, travel costs and living expenses for the period in Durban will be taken care of by ICANN.


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