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You know how we do it. Every week is a startup week. This week, we are excited to showcase AICL Education on the Startup Show/ AICL is an educational consulting firm experienced with student counseling on education in UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia.

We all know that gaining Admission to higher institutions – both local and international – is one of the biggest challenges in Nigeria. We present to you Mrs Bola Agunbiade, a woman providing solutions to one of Nigeria’s toughest challenges.

Bola got bored at her media job and had a career switch when she got a job as a writer and counselor at an educational consulting agency, where she acquired experience in student counseling, admission placement, visa support and all round educational guidance for candidates looking to secure admission overseas.

After working for 7 years, Bola decided to start Avail International Consult Limited (AICL) Education.

Mrs. Agunbiade said that her agency has helped over 100 student gain admission in different higher institutions across the globe.

She gave insight into some factors that may hinder student admission overseas. She was also quick to point out that exam malpractices is one of the factors affecting her job, with cases where students with As, Bs and Cs could not defend the certificates they were holding.

Bola talked about the short period Forex was discontinued for education and also states that the ban has been lifted. She also listed ways and things to do to get forex for education from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

It was an interesting chat that we had, tune in

Roberta Edu
Roberta Edu is an IT Expert, Digital Media professional, Web Broadcaster & Cinematographer. An Award winning expert, with over 8 years hands on experiences in Tech & Digital. Being one of the first to run digital media campaigns in Nigeria, she has helped top brands in Nigeria, (Gulder, Maltina, Samsung, MasterCard, P&G, MTN) to achieve exciting digital milestones and have also plan, execute and manage digital media activities for government events such as Lagos Water Regatta, Ogun State Investors Forum all while working in different media agencies. After rising to the position of the Group Head of Technology in a global media organization, Roberta decided to venture into web broadcasting & video production where she started TWO TV Network. And in 2015, she founded Liquid Studio a production outfit where Corporate Documentaries & Wedding films are cooked. Aside from producing web videos, Roberta is now focused on telling the stories of Nigerian Internet Startup with her web show “The Break Digit Show”

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