Should You Get Xbox One Or Playstation 4?

It’s not a secret that a gaming console is one of the most universal entertainment gadgets: depending on the model you get, you can not only play the …


It’s not a secret that a gaming console is one of the most universal entertainment gadgets: depending on the model you get, you can not only play the latest, more advanced games, but also watch TV, browse the internet, and listen to music. Nowadays the two most sophisticated and popular consoles are the PS4 and Xbox One, but which one is the right choice for you?

A gaming console is not the cheapest device, which means you need to take a smart approach to buying a console and look for the most affordable options. Luckily for you, there is a way to buy a gaming console without breaking the bank – simply check out video game consoles on Jiji and find the gadget you’ve been dreaming of for a fraction of the price.

Range of games

After all, the main reason why we buy gaming consoles is to play video games, which is why the selection of games available for each platform is an essential aspect of shopping for a console. In the past, every gaming console had a selection of exclusive releases that weren’t available on other platforms. This situation has changed considerably and now the most coveted games are either released on multiple platforms, or you can easily find a substitution for a game you like that is not available for your console. Plus, many of the exclusively released games fail to meet the expectations of gamers, which is why you won’t miss too much if you can’t play a certain game at the moment. However, Sony is usually the one unveiling new exclusives, so if you’re always looking for something new to play, consider PS4.


Unlike many other popular home devices, gaming consoles cannot be judged exclusively by the price: a certain console can cost less than its competitor, but the competitor may come with the additional equipment and software that the cheaper alternative lacks. Moreover, the prices for gaming consoles change all the time and special promotions are held, which means you can get your dream console for way less than you expected if you’re lucky enough. At the moment both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come with the hard discs of different size, design features, bundled games, and extra equipment. However, the Xbox One on its own is currently cheaper than PS4, so if your choice will mostly depend on the price, go for the Xbox One.


Like in laptops and desktop computers, the hardware installed in the console greatly influences your enjoyment from playing. For example, both consoles come with 500GB of memory, but while you can easily expand the memory in your Xbox using any USB 3.0 external hard drive, you will have to open up your PS4 in order to add some memory. As for the controllers, the Xbox One controller is somewhat chunkier and feels firmer in your hands, while the PS4 controller will seem familiar to anyone who’s ever played on a previous generation of Sony Playstation. All in all, the question of the controller is a question of preference, but generally the hardware in PS4 is more sophisticated.

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