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With advent of eCommerce technology in Nigeria, it is quite noticeable that most eCommerce Software are quite expensive and not within the reach of Nigerians that want to …


emmanuelWith advent of eCommerce technology in Nigeria, it is quite noticeable that most eCommerce Software are quite expensive and not within the reach of Nigerians that want to start their online shop or to improve theie existing online shops. I came across open source eCommerce software called OpenCart 1.5. This is a very powerful SEO eCommerce Software whose new version was released a few weeks ago, is already considered stable and ready for companies to start using it. One good thing about this software is the multi currency feature that makes it easy to use Naira with it. The developers have a love-fest about how elegant it is planned, but I learned the trader, this program really is a very short period of time, and I have to tell you some of the amazing features of serious business owners.

1. OpenCart out of the box with a surprisingly clean pattern, which includes one of the popular new “main menu” systems for their products. How to add or delete categories of products in your store admin, links appear or disappear simply in the top navigation bar. As we continue to add sub-categories appear in the Category drop-down menu that expands to fit almost any size for easy navigation products.

2. OpenCart out of the box “big footer” incredibly useful four columns: Information, Customer Service, Extra and accounting. The data column automatically links the information or the pages of the CMS (Content Management System). Contact column contains customer information Returns, and self-Sitemap. Extra column contains a Find brands or manufacturers, which are non-refundable gift cards that the customer can create any amount of N 1 to N1, 000, partner program information, so other sites can refer customers to you, the insert, and a link to The Specials, you can create.

3. Nifty new features include the latest version of a system of reward points, the product grid / list view that customers can change at will, a product comparison tool for customers of the attributes clinically law, gift certificates mentioned above and the affiliate program, a store credit, easy one-touch products for re-, a wish-list system, and a nice and fun to use a payment page.

4. Product options include super-cool ability of a client to download a file (as a print graphics on a T-shirt) and a plethora of preset options as drop-down calendar date and time.

5. Product photos will automatically change the program, so you only need to do and send the image of one of the main product. You can also add different images of the new product.

6. Admin shop – which includes catalogs and forms a non-technical user to manage the store – is a well-organized than any program I’ve ever written. In other programs, administrative functions in the menu to switch to another, so that I had to organize other guides to the task instead of the menu. This is the first time I was able to organize a manual mapping of the figures selectively.

7. Is OpenCart  free? There are many commercial plug-ins available for a small fee, although most are being updated to the latest version. You do not necessary need to buy the plug- ins if you don’t want to, least you can have a functioning online shops without the plugins.

OpenCart has similarity with Magento, but is also easy for non-technical store owners to use, and easy for programmers to program.

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