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contentBefore you start reading this piece, just pulse for a moment and ask yourself why do I visit the websites I go to every time am online? Why do I have to use Google for my search, why do I add to my favorite list those websites I visit regularly even to the extent of bookmarting them?

 By the time you answer these simple questions, you would have understood the whole essence of this article.

It is a welcomed development these days seeing most businesses getting online and having their website up and running on the Internet. It goes beyond just having a website for your business, how valuable is your website? How many customers have come to do business with you through your website?

 Am sure one of the reasons you gave above would be that the sites you visit always have regular information or news about your area of great interest, is it business, football or career.

You are basically attracted by the contents of the website.

 The quality of content on your website determines how valuable your website will be. Content attracts targeted visitors to your website and that will increase the number of eyeballs seeing your website.

 This is the only method of traffic generation to your website that does not fail. Online, Content is King!

 Why you need to develop quality contents on your business website

Small businesses that doesn’t have large advertising budget should attract and retain their customers by uploading and updating their website with fresh contents.

 Visitors to your site will need quality, regular, fresh, hot, in-depth and timeless information to keep them coming back for more. The number of visitors to your site determines how valuable your site and business will be.

 Good content also determines the extent a visitor will explore your site, the duration and frequency of their visits. Add quality content to your site because no one will want to visit a site that lacks good content. It is the regular eyeballs on your content that will add value to your website which will invariably impact on your business.

In positioning your business online, your content when rightly written with relevant keywords embedded in them, will give you a high ranking with the search engines.

 For sites specifically designed to sell your product or service, create benefit-driven sales copy that compels your visitors to buy.

 For the fact that you don’t have any face-to-face interaction with your potential buyers on the Internet, your sales copy needs to do the job that a real-live salesperson would do. It has to introduce your product, explain the benefits of using it, and sale to potential buyers on the value of your offer. When you write your sales copy, you need to speak directly to your visitors’ needs and you need to focus on the benefits you offer them.

 Let your benefit emphasize the fact that it will help them achieve something like cut cost, save time, convenience and so on.

 Also include testimonials of satisfied customers who have used your product. This build credibility and boost sales.

 The quality of your contents determines the number of people that will visit your site regularly. The more traffic you have on your site the more valuable your business becomes. This applies whether you have a sales website or a portal website. In some cases, you could have a combination of both. A portal website should have fresh and relevant information about the business.

 Quality, keyword-rich contents help to position your business on the web. It improves your website ranking with the search engines.

A content website gives you the expert status in your business.

 How to develop quality contents for your website

Getting fresh information to post on your website could be cumbersome sometimes. There should be a staff that is trained on how to upload information on the website.

 Search for relevant contents on the web

Search the web using the search engines like Google to get fresh information to post on your website. Your search must include relevant keywords or key phrases. You might need to adapt the information to suit your business.

 Use private label right (PLR) materials

Private label right of e-books are already written e-books by experts online which you can buy and have the permission to add or remove any information as you like. You can change the information and customize it as if you are the one that wrote it.

 With PLR materials you don’t need to stress yourself writing articles about your business. All you need is the get the label right of an e-book that fits your business and edit it to your taste to suit your business.

 You can transform such plr material into newsletters, e-zines (electronic magazines) articles and use them on your website. They usually cost little money but the information in them could be great.

 PLR materials can be found all over the internet just go to Google and search for PLR +e-books or just PLR you will see many websites to choose from according to your niche.

 Some of such sites include: contentgoldmine.com,nichemania.com, contenttycoon.com, easyplr.com,Plrprofits.co.uk

 Get contents from article websites

Search through article databases for articles that fit into your business.Use them on your website but you must include the by-line of the writer. You could also let freelance, ghost writers, content developers and providers write articles for use on your website. Let experts contribute articles for your business.Get rich contents from news, library and specialized books relating to your business


Kenneth Omeruo
Omeruo Ndukaku Kenneth is an Innovation Management expert,the CEO of Emerging Media,a new media company.He is a member of ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management and the US-Africa chamber of Commerce.He is the Founder of TechTrends Nigeria Blog,Nigeria Innovation Summit and the African Innovation Academy.Kenneth is a highly sought-after Internet Marketing Consultant who has through his seminars, articles, training and consulting, helped many organizations, Individuals, Businesses maximize the Internet for business purposes.Kenneth has also being featured as a guest on the TV show TODAY ON STV Nigeria and on Bloomberg Africa TV.He is the author of the best –selling Internet Book: How To Create Unlimited Internet Wealth. He is a syndicated columnist with the following Newspapers in Nigeria: Daily Independent, Financial Standard, PUNCH, BusinessDay, and Sun.Kenneth organises the EduNet Conference for Universities in Nigeria. Kenneth is a member of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria( ISPON ) Roundtable For Capacity Development in Nigeria,member pre-selection committee for Nigeria at the UN World Summit Awards,a Panelist for Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria(YouWIN)-a Federal government initiative created by the ministry of finance,supported by ministries of Communications Technology,Youth Development,Worldbank and DFID. A 2013 Judge at the Google Cloud Developers Challenge for Sub Saharan Africa.He has been a contributing editor of Nigeria Communications Week,Africa Telecom and IT Business Magazine,ICT Today magazine,M2 magazine.Kenneth has been invited to the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Forum, Oracle Open World Conference USA, Oracle Cloud World Dubai, and GITEX Dubai. He now lives in New York with his family and presently working on an Open Innovation project for Nigeria. You can contact Kenneth through email: (kenneth (at)techtrendsng.com) Facebook:www.facebook.com/Kenneth.omeruo On Twitter:www.twitter.com/kennethomeruo Skpe:Kenneth.Omeruo

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