Unlike other Taxi Apps, We allow Passengers to bid for fares” – Afrocab


This week, the Startup Show features one of the taxi app in Lagos, Afrocab
Afro is a taxi app startup that connects passengers directly with taxi drivers allowing customers to book with certainty every time

Now, this is the advantage our startup of the week brings that people don’t know – unlike other people in the tech taxi business, AfroCab allows you to bid (i.e adjust pricing) for fare, decide what to pay for a particular trip and you still get the same cool and executive ride experience.

We discover all these when Afro General Manager agrees to sit down with us for a few gist and it was completely amazing.

Aniedi Udobong says that Afro is using technology to solve real life issues that could take a lot of time to achieve in few seconds. For example, if you want to get a taxi, the traditional way is to go out on the road, stop a few taxi then make an offer, you do this until you find one driver that will agree with your price and then hop in but with Afro, the process of doing all that has been simplified in few seconds and you do not even have to go out of your house.

Sitting in the beautiful Ikoyi office of Afro for about an hour, we saw drivers with different types of exotic cars, hopping in to get their vehicles verified to become drivers.

We interviewed one of the drivers and he told us that he was very comfortable with Afro and makes at least 5 to 6 trips a day.

This is one amazing and inspiring startup that is putting food on the table of many drivers.
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