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The internet plays a profound role in our daily lives with applications in many areas such as research, business and e-commerce, entertainment, socializing among other interesting genres in …


Bemgba-NyakumaThe internet plays a profound role in our daily lives with applications in many areas such as research, business and e-commerce, entertainment, socializing among other interesting genres in the cyber world. With increasing awareness of its presence and tech savvy spreading across the world; there appears to be no doubt that its influence will only grow further over the years.

In spite of this, many users of the internet are unaware of its potential and the vast network of ideas, insights and information (i3) it presents; as such tapping from this infinite info-database of knowledge still appears to be a problem.

Others simply do not have an idea of where to look and most are simply in the dark about where to either source this information or what to make of it. This weekly post aptly tagged “Webpick Weekly” will present an expose into the world of the internet; dishing out information on the writer’s top web-picks of the week replete with all the what, why, how and where to websources on the world wide web.

This will include a short description of each website, its URL – uniform resource locator and what vital information can be gained from its use. In its opening post; we will explore the websites; Blogger, Fast Company & the Khan Academy.

Google Blogger: (www.blogger.com)

The term blogger is used to describe a person who writes, adds content and or regularly posts news, articles or any other items of interest on a blog or web-blog using one of many blogging sites that can be found on the internet. One of the most popular websites for blogging is the appositely named Google site called Blogger. This is a dedicated website created and run by Google to enable users share their thoughts, ideas and happenings with other users of the internet. Blogging presents a quick, useful and cheap medium for creating and registering a users’ web presence especially by individuals, organizations or businesses that do not have the financial means or technical savvy to create, host and manage full websites. Other examples of blogging sites include; WordPress (http://wordpress.com), TypePad (www.typepad.com) among others link.

Fast Company: (www.fastcompany.com)

This is a website cum magazine dedicated to bringing readers in tune with the latest news and developments in the world of media, business and information technology. Created by the former Harvard Business Review editors Alan Webber and Bill Taylor,

FastCompanyTM has been described as “the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design.” Following its launch in November 1995, the website has catered for appetite of a growing number of people whose interests lie not only in issues relating to business developments but information about entrepreneurship, business practices, tech innovation and other issues relating to the integration of these forms of commerce. It is a melting pot of ideas and the success stories of individuals and companies making headway in amalgamation of business and technological innovation. Other example of similar websites include; Inc Magazine (www.inc.com); Entrepreneur magazine (www.entrepreneur.com).

Khan Academy:  (www.khanacademy.org)

The Khan Academy is non-profit organization dedicated to bringing quality educational information to homes, schools and or individuals via uploaded videos and tutorials on a wide range subjects, disciplines or area of expertise.

Created by the Bangladeshi- American, Salman Khan, the aptly named Khan academy has in its mission aimed at “providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere via a free online collection of over 2,000 videos on mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and economics.” It is a rich source on information for anyone interested in acquiring information, learning or simply brushing up on knowledge in any of these fields.

This wonderful e-learning platform can be assessed anywhere around the world with internet access for free.

Next week Webpick Weekly will bring you more information on useful websites, web information and webzines around the world of the internet. Till then, get clicking…#click!

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