ChiBlenders Green: A Startup Company Innovating with Food Wastage in Nigeria


Agriculture in Nigeria no doubt offers great hope of economic development for the country and the continent at large.At a time that Nigeria is gradually being recognized for her Agricultural products and capabilities,food wastage has being a big challenge.Recently we came across ChiBlenders Green, a food technology and logistics company based in Abuja,Nigeria which is fully committed to eliminating the waste of agricultural produces  which exist within the logistic and supply chains in the Nigerian agricultural sector. This startup company realizes her goal by converting fresh farm produces into nutritious and healthy powder form with longer shelf life. 

Chinyelu Ikeaba-Obiasor Founder and CEO of Chiblenders Green in explaining more about this innovative idea said”We are so passionate in finding ways to promote the use of food as a source of health and well being rather than using drugs , our target food types are vegetables and fruits sourced from small scale farmers in rural areas. According to statistics 50% of produce that grow in Nigeria ends in landfills due to lack of storage, transportation, affordable  technology and standard food processing plants.So what we do is we buy surplus fresh perishable produce from small scale farmers in rural areas and convert them to nutritious and healthy powder for longer shelf life.This is achieved by using local standard food  processing plant in different communities”

The company is in the process of constructing fabricated  mobile modular food processing plant that will be deployed in more localities with high cluster of  small scale farmers.They also have several ways to empower the small scale farmers in their network by paying cash for foods that would have wasted and also exposing these local farmers in remote communities to communication gadgets that help them become more effective and knowledgeable.

ChiBlenders Green already have in their portfolio 10 different packaged plant based products that enhances food nutrition, health and well being of Nigerians. To learn more about this innovative Agric Startup visit their website-

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